There are many types of tractors available today, and they are used for different purposes. This article is about the various types of tractors and what they do. Keep reading to learn more. You may be surprised to learn that there are even more types of a tractor than you thought. Read on to learn about the different types of tractors of Massey Ferguson in Pakistan and their functions. Listed below are some of the most common types of tractors.


General-purpose tractors are designed for general agricultural use and typically have a diesel or gasoline engine. Some of the newer versions are also designed for biodiesel fuel. Most modern models are equipped with trailer and plow attachment hitches. Some larger models also feature advanced transmission systems, power steering, and smokestack exhaust pipes. They are also popular among homeowners. Some of the newest types are also used for construction and sports fields.


Tuggers, these specialized tractors, are used for pulling and hauling loads. They are often fitted with crane booms to make it easier to lift loads. These tractors are not used for agricultural use. Instead, they are used in factories and other work areas where large machinery needs to be moved. These specialized tractor types typically have drawbars instead of three-point linkages.

Utility tractors:

Utility tractors are a versatile option for small-scale farming and other agricultural applications. They can perform similar functions to utility tractors but can pull smaller implements. A walk-behind tractor usually has eighteen to thirty horsepower and does not have loader arms at the front. It resembles a walk-behind lawnmower in terms of design. A utility tractor is an excellent choice for farmers or landowners who want a tractor to handle various tasks.

Track tractor:

The most common type of tractor is a track tractor. This tractor is equipped with one track on each side of its axle. Its sprocket is mounted on the rear axle shaft. The track tractor is useful for earthmoving tasks and dam construction. It has large tires that absorb shock and run fast. These tractors are great for a wide variety of applications. Whether you need a utility or a working tractor, a tractor is a right choice.