The responsibilities of the architectural model makers in Dubai are many and varied. They examine an architect’s design and plan to construct a scaled model. The model makers work with different materials and tools to build the finished model. The finished product provides the architect with a three-dimensional image of the design and gives them a clear vision of the architectural process. The responsibility of the architectural models is not just limited to the creation of the models.

They make a substantial contribution to a firm’s work:

While there are many types of models, most firms value the work of a model maker. A full-time model maker can substantially contribute to a firm’s work. Most architectural design firms wrap the model-making skills into a general entry-level position. Smaller firms do not always hire a full-time model maker, but they often do for larger and more established firms. These professionals can be a valuable part of an architecture and design team and are essential to the artistic process.

Responsible for building scale models of buildings:

An architectural model maker is responsible for building scale models of buildings drafted by architects. These models can be used for practical purposes, such as determining how much light will enter the building through the windows and how the structure will fit in with the surrounding area. Some models may contain moving parts or electronic components. The role of an architectural model maker is varied and requires a wide range of tools. They often demand their expertise, as they can accurately depict architects’ ideas.

Responsible for the construction of scaled models of buildings:

An architectural model maker is responsible for constructing scaled models of buildings based on the architect’s blueprints. The role of a model maker requires organizational skills, the ability to visualize things in three dimensions, excellent CAD skills, practical hand skills, and good communication. Typical job duties for architectural model makers are freelance or project-based. You can become a model maker yourself if you have a flair for creativity and have the time. These are some major responsibilities of model makers that you should know before working with them.