You probably picture the sun shining down from a cloud when you think of renewable energy. However, most people don’t stop considering what type of energy they use. While most people are aware of the importance of conserving energy, many aren’t aware of how renewable energy in Dubai can help them save money on their electricity bills. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important facts about renewable energy.

Fact # 1:

Green energy is more reliable than the power grid. Because the power grid fluctuates by the hour and the season, it’s impossible to predict the amount of electricity you’ll need in advance. In addition, renewable energy does not rely on a single source to provide its power. It relies on a combination of methods to provide your electricity. This means it can be more reliable, especially when the weather’s bad.

Fact # 2:

It’s free from pollution, and it can be used to power the home or the office. Solar panels are a good example. In 1990, a solar-powered airplane flew across the worldand burned no fuel, which is good sign for environment. This discovery is responsible for the solar panels we see today. In 2011, the renewable energy industry was worth $257 billion and growing. This is a big deal, and the industry will continue to grow, as will the people and industries that utilize it.

Fact # 3:

The most popular source of renewable energy is wind.While solar and wind power are becoming more widely available, they are expensive. This is because the energy generated by wind and solar is expensive. Compared to conventional energy sources, renewable energy is more expensive and less reliable. It also takes more time to install and operate. For example, the cost of wind and solar power is far higher than that of coal-fired generators.

Fact # 4:

It is much more stable than the power grid. The electricity grid is notoriously unstable. It can even have long periods of no electricity. Using renewable energy is a good idea because it is more sustainable. The cost of this energy source is higher than the electricity cost of conventional electric power, but there are no emissions. But if you can afford it, why not switch to it?